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Inquiry Database

Published: Jan 21st, 2011 •• Category:

Practitioner Inquiry Database

Over the years, the University of Florida has partnered with numerous schools and school districts to introduce inquiry as professional development and to support teachers and administrators though their first inquiry endeavors.  Teachers and administrators who have completed inquiries may submit written executive summaries of their work.

Each executive summary is logged into the Practitioner Inquiry Database for easy retrieval by others interested in researching a similar topic in their own school and/or district. In this way, the Practitioner Inquiry Database serves as a storehouse for knowledge about teaching and learning generated by practitioners themselves, and networks teacher researchers interested in similar topics so that they can build upon each others’ work.

To locate inquiries related to your area of interest, enter a keyword (i.e., “fluency,” “FCAT,” “math”), school district, school, grade level, and/or year completed. Not all fields need to be completed for a successful search.

Note:  This database currently contains inquiries conducted during the years 2005-2009.  The database is being updated with inquiries completed during the years 2010 and 2011.  These works will be added by April 15, 2012.

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